Warranty Conditions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the warranty is only valid if the first final user has had the hand-over of his vehicle in proper condition confirmed on the warranty card in the owner protection plan booklet by his seller within one month of the hand-over of the vehicle! The copy of the warranty card must be enclosed with any warranty application!

The manufacturer (hereinafter called Gigant) grants the users of GIGANT axle systems and compact bearing axles in the DK and GK series manufactured and delivery by them since 01.01.2007 a warranty according to the following conditions:

1. Scope of warranty

As warranty, we grant a warranty on parts from product deficiencies which are demonstrable as within the warranty period and are due to a material or production defect. The warranty exists in addition to the seller’s legal warranty obligation arising from the contract of sale with the first final user and does not affect this.

The warranty is restricted to vehicles registered and operated in Europe or in Turkey. The warranty lapses on sale of a vehicle to a country outside this area.

The warranty covers the costs for the replacement of defective components. This warranty does not include the labour and workshop costs for the disassembly and assembly and testing of components. This warranty only applies to damage to the GIGANT products themselves. Consequential damage caused by a defect, in particular towing costs, rental costs for substitute vehicles, claims for loss of profits or claims for damages are excluded from this warranty. Any more extensive liability based on compulsory legal provisions remains unaffected by this.

2. Exclusions from liability

The warranty excludes damage to wearing par ts (e.g. brake linings, brake drums, brake disks) and damage caused by:

  • incorrect installation of GIGANT axlesystems,
  • no brake compatibility check,
  • mechanical damage due to accidents, dropping, impacts,
  • negligent or wilful destruction as well as fire,
  • misuse of the vehicle (for example: overloading, overheating, use underabnormal conditions),
  • lack of maintenance, in particularfailure to have regular maintenancework performed as described in the GIGANT maintenance manual (Seecurrent information on www.gigant-group.com),
  • conversion of parts or modifications to the GIGANT axle systems or,
  • the use of parts of other origin instead of original GIGANT parts and the use of unsuitable lubricants and liquids.

The warranty also excludes phenomenon such as noises, odours, vibration or oil leaks which do not impact the performance capability of the GIGANT axle systems. If the deficiency is revealed within 6 months of first delivery of the vehicle to the final user, then it is assumed refutably that this is a material or production defect.

The warranty is also excluded if the GIGANT units and axles used do not conform to the minimum specifications for ON-ROAD or OFF-ROAD use relating to the vehicle type or use as laid down in the attached Application Guide:
anwendungsmatrix en

3. Warranty duration

The warranty commences with the handover of the vehicle to the first final user as certified on the warranty card. The warranty duration is shown in the Table below for the respective GIGANT axle system; whereby the duration is restricted to the mileage limit stated if the vehicle reaches this prior to the duration stated.

The warranty duration depends on whether the vehicle is used on-road or off-road. The classification of a GIGANT axle system in one of the categories on-road or off-road use is based decisively on whether the vehicle is only operated on roads with a firm surfacing (thus on-road use) or is at least occasionally operated on construction sites, in quarries, in agriculture, for military purposes or on gravel roads (thus off-road use). Operation in the following countries is always regarded as on-road use: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Vatican City.


6 years, maximum 1.000.000 km
Axle body generation K1 and K2

5 years, maximum 1,000,000 km
Axle body, steering knuckle (steeringtype axles), steering arm, air suspension bracket, spring, attachment plates

24 months, no km limit
Brake cylinders, caliper, camshaft, brake slack adjuster, axle lift, air bellows, ABS sensor and pole wheel, spring eye pins, brake shoes, bolted connections such as spring bolts, shock absorber attachment, U bolts, shock absorbers, steering tie rod incl. stabilisation and locking system

24 months, however excluding wear as cause for complaint
Brake disk, brake drum, brake linings, bearings and seals, return springs, steering joints / silent block


1 year, maximum 100,000 km
Only for vehicles fitted with the components corresponding to the Application Guide.

radnabeneinheiten garantie

The displays from ABS, EBS and similar measurement systems are decisive for the determination of the exact mileage if complete registration of the entire mileage is possible using these displays. Stating incorrect mileages or manipulating the measuring units causes this warranty to lapse.

The warranty is not extended by any claims on it. The warranty period for any parts replaced during warranty service is 6 months; however the current warranty period as a minimum.

4. Enforcement of warranty claims

Warranty claims are enforced by sending a GIGANT warranty service application to Gigant. The GIGANT warranty application must include the information required. The GIGANT warranty application must include:

  • The complete filled warranty card* as copy
  • The maintenance documents* as copy
  • In complaints of the wheel hub unit the digital EBS/ODR data records
  • In complaints of brake components the report of the brake compatibility check and the digital EBS/ODR data records

Any warranty claim must be enforced immediately to Gigant, at the latest two weeks after discovery of the defect. The defective components disassembled are to be kept and may only be disposed of with the express consent of Gigant.

Any costs arising due to unjustified warranty claims may be charged by Gigant.

* gigant reserves the right to demand the original documents!